Thursday, December 13, 2012

Akashe jyotsna / Moonlight in the sky

One of the most beautiful romantic poems i have ever listened or read. Its in Bengali , written by Jibanananda Das (1899-1954)

Akashe jyotsna
Phuler pathe chita baagher gayer karam
Hridoy amar horin jano
Ratrer ei niraboder bhetor, kondike cholechi?
Rupali paatar chaya amar shorire
Kothao kono horin neyi
Aar joto door jaayee, kaashter moton banka chaand
Shesh shonale horin, shorsho khete niyeche

Taar par dhire dhi
re dube jaache
Shata shata mrigedaar choker ghumer andhokaarer bhetor

English Translation of it 

Moonlight in the sky
On the Forest Trail the Scent of the Leopard
My Heart is like a Deer
In the Silence of this night, which way am I going?
The silvery shadow of leaves on my body
No more deer anywhere
As far as I go I see the moon bent like a sickle
Cutting the last golden deer-grain
Then sinking slowly
Into the darkness of all the sleep
In the eyes of a hundred does.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mindless mind

The mind indeed is of the form of space .
The mind indeed is omni-faced.
The mind is the past.
The mind is one which doesn't last
The mind is which makes me numb
The mind indeed which is crazy as dumb.
The mind linger around the thought
The mind wander after I have just bought
The mind is gone
I was bad at bone....bad at bone

Dope Show

life is a dark room with no one lasting
A  temple which people adore and like visiting

Like an island with only a tree
Which gives all fruits in free
happy with all what I have
Don't want the sky to crack

In the woodland , saw her with my blind folded eyes
She was no one else but by compliance
People took it wrong
i never wanted her other than a friend

emotrons,filled the sky and covered the lightness
I was still in her love and her maltness
I never liked her,But her smile
ooh gosh, beautiful than the death itself

God , i am waiting for a call
The judgement is already all in all
I am trapped in this body and soul
You fired me out of a hole

I am not a gun shot
i am not your games plot
I am stronger than seven seas
i am bigger than a piece of peas

Kill me I have no love for life
I will fuck you for putting my another price
Swimming with the shark , hunting for food
Know that God is deader than the thousand years old booze.
Aditya Deadpan
Emotrons : I was thinking just like gravitons are the particles responsible for gravitational, Emotrons are the particles responsible for emotions .

Sunday, August 21, 2011

जब-जब सिर उठाया by सर्वेश्वर दयाल सक्सेना

 One of my fav poems : 

जब-जब सिर उठाया
अपनी चौखट से टकराया
मस्तक पर लगी चोट,
मन में उठी कचोट,
अपनी ही भूल पर मैं,
बार-बार पछताया.
जब-जब सिर उठाया
अपनी चौखट से टकराया.
दरवाज़े घट गए या
मैं ही बड़ा हो गया,
दर्द के क्षणों में कुछ
समझ नहीं पाया.
जब-जब सिर उठाया
अपनी चौखट से टकराया.
''शीश झुका आओ''बोला
बाहर का आसमान,
''शीश झुका आओ'' बोलीं
भीतर की दीवारें,
दोनों ने ही मुझे
छोटा करना चाहा,
बुरा किया मैंने जो
यह घर बनाया.
जब-जब सिर उठाया
अपनी चौखट से टकराया.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thirst and Fire

The below poem is dedicated to the victims of somalia Drought and various terrorists groups acting against the aid. The head of the U.N. refugee agency said that drought-ridden Somalia is the "worst humanitarian disaster" in the world after meeting with refugees who endured unspeakable hardship to reach the world's largest refugee camp.Somalia's militant Islamist group al-Shabab has put a ban on foreign aid agencies, as the region is hit by its worst drought in 60 years.

Thirst and Fire

Rain rain , please visit us again.
Earth is thundering with the hollers of pain.
A drought and terrorism coalesced well.
Languishing humanity and life like hell.
The dearth of cultivated earth envenomed their sufferings.
Famished for food, deteriorated their pizzazz & offerings.

Rain rain , please visit us again.
Not in abundance but with little also we will live the same.
The tax on water and the echoing gun-fires.
Killing of elders and burying the impeccant desires.
The relief camps filled with desiccant sources.
The hindrances for social societies meager resources.

Rain rain , please visit us again.
Vultures are waiting and cattle are dying at each lane.
Lustrous Sun appears more like a red hot plate.
Broiling the poor and piercing them with a sharp blade.
Terrifying Famine and the fundamentalists.
Flunked topographers and diplomatic nutritionists.
All are responsible for the hue and cry.
Ten thousand died , many more are in queue but still let’s give it another try.


Silence Prevails,
Aditya Dogra

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Sham ki nammi mein , kuch dhundle se akaash mein
Dhalta sa chal raha tha , roshne se pare mein
Mann mein naa thi koyi bhi jalti hui umang
Dabta jaa raha tha dhunno mein bajta ek mridang

Palko se bhojhal sa ho gaya tha woh ek sapna
Kabhi paraye bhi thee , aaj naa koyi hai apna
Uss kavi ki kalpana ki rakh ka dhua hai uth raha 
Jab bhi koyi pass aaya , dil mein ek bad-gumma sa hi raha

Naddi ki kal kal karti lehron ne jharokoo ko bhar sa diya tha
Srappit se jeevan ko uss ne ehsaano taale dab sa diya tha
Aansuyoon ko palko takke rondte hi jaa raha tha mein
Apne hi zameer mein jhank kar jhanjorta sa jaa raha tha mein 

Pyaasi dharti kar rahi thi malhar ka intezaar
Doobte chand ko phir se ek subha ki ragni par tha aitbaar
Ruh mein sakoon ki talash thee 

Jab mere samne apni hi lashe thee

Silence Prevails ,
Aditya deadpan

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bright Silences

Huge walls surrounding the prison of life.
Staring at them to break free for gleam light.
Scrubbing the old wounds to feel the new pain.
Searching the files and folders to find thee name.
Entangled in the conundrum of luxuries and miseries .
Bewildered in the array of emotions and mysteries.

Cleaning my mirror to clean my reflection.
Practicing more to attain the perfection.
Looking at the black clouds to shower the rain.
Waddling along the calf in the mud to share true nature again.
Flying high over the sea to find its end .
Closed thee eyes and let it swim along the winds .

Nothing is mine , not even thee body .
Using the cold chisel to sharpen my mind.
Dispersing the sequester serenity into the self.
Burning the gossamer web of thine in the fragrance of Buddha.
Illumination thyself with the difference of  'I' and  'I'.
One stands for the 'I'gnorance and the other doesn't  include any 'I'.


Silence Prevails,
Aditya Deadpan
The above note is basically written after I read the book "Man's Search For Meaning - by Viktor Frankl" . The Author ,a doctor by profession , in the book has penned down his experiences in a Nazi Concentration camp.
One of his experience in his own words :

" This young woman knew that she would die in the next few days. But when I talked to her she was cheerful in spite of this knowledge. "I am grateful that fate has hit me so hard," she told me. "In my former life I was spoiled and did not take spiritual accomplishments seriously." Pointing through the window of the hut, she said, "This tree here is the only friend I have in my loneliness." Through that window she could see just one branch of a chestnut tree, and on the branch were two blossoms. "I often talk to this tree," she said to me. I was startled and didn't quite know how to take her words. Was she delirious? Did she have occasional hallucinations? Anxiously I asked her if the tree replied. "Yes." What did it say to her? She answered, "It said to me, 'I am here — I am here — I am life, eternal life. "